Ministry Teams

Ministry Teams: A Biblical Model

The basis for forming ministry and support teams is the biblical model for the church. 1 Corinthians 12 and Romans 12 teach that the church functions like a human body. It is highly organized, but it is organic and diverse. A body has many members, but each one belongs and each one has a functional place of service. All members work as a unit to follow the directions of the brain. Every part is connected to the others in such a way that what it does contributes to the overall health of the body.

Ministry, support, and teaching teams are one way to connect members systematically to the body of Christ. Many church growth experts of today agree that teams are the most effective way to complete the mission of God for any church because they best match the biblical analogy of integrated teams of organs in a human body.

“Teams belong to a mission-driven, organic model of the church.”

Unique Functions of Teams:

  • Teams belong to a mission-driven environment.
  • Teams empower members and others to complete the mission of the church.
  • Teams enthusiastically invest assets to complete the mission.
  • Teams primarily make decisions for themselves as related to the goal.
  • Teams value performance and goals.
  • Servant leaders lead teams.

Please look over the various Team Task Directives that help Hermon Baptist Church to achieve her mission within our community.