Baptism Team

Basic Objectives:

  1. To assist the pastor and candidates for the service of baptism.
  2. To be responsible for maintenance of all baptism supplies.
  3. To seek training for yourselves, and train other workers. 

General Responsibilities:

  1. To have the baptistry filled with warm water, on time, for each baptism service.
  2. To make sure baptism robes and towels are ready in advance and are in good condition; to purchase new ones when needed.
  3. To escort candidates to the robbing rooms and assist with robe selection.
  4. To keep the baptism dressing rooms in good condition with appropriate furniture and supplies for changing clothes.
  5. To graciously be available to the candidates as they prepare for baptism or after they have been baptized.
  6. To assist the pastor in preparing for the baptism and in getting ready to enter the service.
  7. To co-labor with the Pastor.

If you are interested in joining the baptism team, please contact Russ Isom.