First Impressions Team

Basic Objectives:

  1. To greet people outside the building and serve as ushers inside the worship center.
  2. To assist people entering the building as needed.
  3. To help people feel welcome.
  4. To help guests find their way.
  5. To offer a safe environment for all attendees.

General Responsibilities:

  1. Station greeters in the parking lot
  2. Direct guests to visitor parking places.
  3. On bad weather days, offering valet parking, or at least an umbrella. 
  4. Assist the parents of preschoolers.
  5. Assist the elderly.
  6. Assist single mothers.  
  7. Assist the handicapped.
  8. Station greeters at each entrance.
  9. Escort guests to their Sunday Morning Bible Study group.     
  10. Welcome guests to the church just like you would to your home.       
  11. Enlist friendly people to welcome those attending (including senior adult women to work inside the building when possible, with a good mix of genders and ages).
  12. Station greeters inside the worship center.     
  13. Distribute bulletins.     
  14. Greet and make persons feel welcome as they enter the worship area.
  15. Know where every class meets and be able to lead guests to them (have a map of the church).
  16. Seat people during the service.  Guests should be seated beside regular attendees and introduced when possible.
  17. Seat people only at times when their entrance will not disturb the services.
  18. Help maintain order.
  19. Observe behaviors of individuals and report anyone acting in a strange manner (example: around areas where children are found).

Want to be a greeter or first impression? Do you have the gift of service? See team leader Dewey Spence to get involved!

Interested in being a parking lot greeter? Contact Chris Berkebile.

Usher? Contact Dale Kurtz or Dennis Mills