Media Team

Basic Objectives: 

1.   To provide quality sound control for worship services

2.   To see that worship services and other events in the sanctuary are heard throughout the sanctuary.

  1. To find creative ways to improve the sound system ministry of the church.
  2. To maintain all equipment related to the video support system which includes the Easy Worship program.

 General Responsibilities:

1.   To coordinate among the sound crew and video presentation group a schedule of workers so that each service is appropriately staffed.

2.   To setup necessary microphones, monitors, and other sound system equipment that is needed in each service.

3.   To coordinate with soloists, choir, or other special music to set sound levels prior to each service.

4.   To find creative ways to increase the sound system services of the church, such as making recordings for homebound, archiving service recordings, etc.

5.   To purchase needed equipment for the sound system or computer to provide greater capability during worship services and special services.

6.   To schedule among the sound crew personnel and the video crew to work the sound system and the Easy Worship slides during revivals, cantatas, and other special services.

7.   To train volunteers to properly operate the sound system and computer.

8.   When members of the sound crew or video crew cannot serve during a wedding, to train a volunteer to operate the sound system and/or computer for that event.

9.   To co-labor with the pastor and worship ministry team.

If you are interested in volunteering in our library, please contact team leader Carole Harrision.

If interested in sound and visual volunteering, please contact Larry Tarr.