Missions Team

Basic Objectives: 

  1. To organize the church in providing prayer, financial, and moral support to missionaries serving in North America and in foreign lands.
  2. To organize annual mission trip(s) to involve members of Hermon Baptist Church in trans-cultural service.
  3. To promote all offerings for Southern Baptist Missions in North America and other nations.
  4. To promote missions awareness at Hermon Baptist Church, lifting up the cause of world evangelization and informing members regarding the work of all missionaries and their representatives.

General Responsibilities:

  1. To define missions as evangelistic ministry crossing any and all cultural and/or geographical boundaries.  All mission action projects shall meet this criterion.
  2. To co-labor with the Teaching Ministry Team to provide missions education through seminars and short-term classes.        
  3. To communicate to the church membership opportunities for personal missions involvement.
  4. To inform the church membership regarding the work of missionaries.
  5. To plan and organize mission trips for Hermon Baptist which are stateside and to other cultures.
  6. To define the mission offerings, which the church will support, the method of promoting them, and any goals for them, including those for the North American Mission Board and the International Mission Board of the SBC.
  7. To co-labor with the pastor and ministerial staff.


Team leader for the Missions Team is Jacquelin Pautrat.