Personnel Team

Basic Objectives:

  1. To assist the church in the work of calling and maintaining ministry staff and other support personnel necessary for the work of doing ministry..
  2. To serve as an advocacy group to mediate, advise, encourage, coach; doing any and all actions necessary for the enhancement of the overall health and efficiency of all ministry staff and support personnel. 

General Responsibilities:

1. Work with all staff members in the following ways:

  • Prepare and update team task directives (job descriptions) for all personnel as needed.
  • Negotiate a salary schedule and benefit provisions annually.
  • Develop church policies and procedures relating to staff and support personnel.
  • Discuss needs for additional personnel whenever ministry needs deem it to be necessary.

2. Consult with senior pastor and other ministry staff in locating, viewing, and recommending additional personnel.

3. Ministry team leader should keep the church treasurer and Finance Team Leader informed regarding salary and benefit provisions for all staff and support personnel.

4. With the help of the senior pastor, assess the job performance of each staff member and support personnel.  (Please be sensitive to any job insecurities which may be occurring.)

5. Answer questions regarding the work of the Personnel Team (please remember the importance of confidentiality.)

6. Recommend administrative policies and procedures for all employed personnel.


For any questions concerning the personnel team, please contact team lead Robin Bass.