Fellowship Team

Basic Objectives: 

  1. To ensure that all church social events are carried out efficiently and properly.
  2. To provide a hospitable environment whenever the church or certain groups gather for the purpose of fellowship.
  3.  Work with church staff and ministry team leaders as budgeted funds are requested and allocated. 

General Responsibilities:

  1. Assist in the planning and implementation of the church’s special events.
  2. Provide hosts and hostesses to serve at fellowship events.
  3. Finalize all details and arrangements regarding fellowship events.
  4. Recruit and manage volunteers.
  5. Help manage the kitchen and all other fellowship supplies.
  6. Be creative in order to make special events an interesting experience.

Are you a social butterfly? Do you like to serve? Please consider joining our special events team. Please contact team leader Sherri Klingensmith if you are interested.