Worship Ministry Team

Basic Objectives:

1. To lead the church in real worship that brings honor and glory to our Lord.

2. To know the will of the Lord as Hermon Baptist Church seeks to minister to this community.

3. To recruit workers for every area of the worship ministry.

4. To continually seek to learn more effectively how to lead God’s church in worship.

General Responsibilities:

1. To strive to teach the church how to worship, especially in the areas of music as they seek to express their love and affection unto the Lord.

2. To dream the dream as God reveals His vision for HBC in the areas of worship.

3. To strategize, plan, and coordinate the many methods at your disposal as you lead God’s church to worship.

4. To enlist individuals to take an active part in the leadership and participation of praise teams, ensembles, choirs, etc.

5. To encourage all participants in the worship ministry to live holy lives as they seek to be promoters of God’s flock.

6. To lead God’s people to worship Him in spirit and in truth.

7. To organize and conduct all age group choirs (preschool-adult).

8. To lead in the music education of the church.

9. To treat practice times as important by attending faithfully and preparing diligently.

10. To support the worship life of the church by faithful attendance.

11. To bring prospects from the fringe of our church to becoming faithful members.

12. Collaborate with the first impressions team and the multi-media team.

13. To work with the church staff.


If you would like to work with any part of the worship ministry (choir, praise team, sound/audio, set-up), please contact Cheryl or Larry Tarr, Russ Isom, or Robin Bass.