Benevolence Team

Basic Objectives:

  1. To assist persons during crises, both church members and non-church members.
  2. To be pro-active and creative in helping and ministering to needy people, providing material assistance and money management training when practical.

General Responsibilities:

  1. To assist church members who need assistance during personal financial crisis.
  2. To screen benevolence requests from church members and non-church members, and determine the level of assistance that should be given to them.
  3. To provide consistent and appropriate assistance.
  4. To exercise discernment when assisting those who make requests for assistance..
  5. To offer assistance and training in money management and personal budgeting skills.
  6. Co-labor with the Pastor and church staff.

If you wish to learn more about the benevolence team, please contact team leader Merwyn Joyner.