Facilities and Grounds Team

Basic Objectives:

  1. To maintain the church properties in a clean, usable, safe condition.
  2. To watch for ways to make our facilities more energy efficient. 

General Responsibilities:

  1. To make repairs to the church property as needed, including the parsonage.
  2. To ensure that major appliances are operable.
  3. To contract with outside contractors when repairs are beyond the scope of the service team’s ability, time commitment, or workload.
  4. To inspect property and grounds periodically to see what needs attention.
  5. To make recommendations to church concerning maintenance needs, as appropriate.
  6. To make repairs to the parsonage as needed, while respecting the privacy of the pastor’s family.
  7. To lead out in ways to involve church members in low-profile maintenance projects, such as cleaning storage rooms, spring cleaning, etc.
  8. To write the job description and evaluate the job performance of custodial personnel.
  9. Ensure that all buildings are ready for all church-related activities and that they are properly secured when services are not occurring.
  10. Offer guidelines and policies for use of all buildings, this includes guidelines and policies for weddings, use by individuals or groups, etc.
  11. Cooperate with the pastor and church staff.

Do you have a talent for cleaning, basic construction, or have a desire to help keep our church functioning? Please contact team leader Merwyn Joyner.