Childcare Ministry Team

Basic Objectives:

  1. To ensure that appropriate childcare is provided for preschoolers during church services.
  2. To organize and train the volunteers who work with preschoolers at these times.
  3. To be aware of and support the preschool policies of the church.

General Responsibilities:

  1. To recruit and train volunteers within the church to appropriately staff the preschool area during church services
  2. To provide materials for volunteers to use in teaching preschoolers during worship services.
  3. To be aware of, abide by, and make recommendations to the preschool policies of the church.
  4. To explain and encourage support of the preschool policies.
  5. To become aware of preschool “risks” issues.
  6. To maintain a security system for the safety of preschoolers.
  7. To co-labor with church staff members.

 If you would like to get involved and serve in the nursery, please contact team leader Brenda Carter.