Youth Ministry Team

Basic Objectives: 

1.   To Evangelize students, grades 6-12, who live in our immediate area.

2.   To provide an environment where youth are accepted and loved, and where positive peer pressure is available.

3.   To Disciple youth — to teach them biblical Christian beliefs, to train them in daily Christian living and Christ-centered worship, and to equip them for Christian service.

4.   To Incorporate youth into the church family as vital members of the body of Christ.

General Responsibilities:

1. To work with the Minister to Students

2. To work with the Teaching Ministry Team.

3. To plan recreational events, retreats, and camps.

4. To offer Bible study learning activities on Sunday evenings throughout the year.

5. To have some separate activities for younger and older youth.

6. To involve parents and volunteers in the ministry as chaperones, advisors, and role models.


If you would like to know more about the youth ministry to become involved in volunteering please contact Larry Underwood, Marty & Deanna Snodgrass, or Cary & Deana Date.